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What is E|CIH?

EC-Council’s Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) program defines a set of rules to handle post-breach consequences to reduce the impact of the incident, from both a financial and a reputational perspective.

The ECIH Certification is an endorsement of your knowledge and skills regarding incident handling including an understanding of key issues plaguing the information security world, combating cybersecurity threats, attack vectors, threat actors and their motives, and applying the knowledge and skills for forensic examination and reporting.

With the increasing malware incidents, email security incidents, network security incidents, web application security incidents, cloud security incidents, and insider threat-related incidents, organizations are investing in the best talent with proven expertise, and incident handler certification makes you the most eligible candidate.

Why ECIH Training?

We deliver interactive ECIH training based on the latest ECIH Course. We help you learn the skills required across all stages in incident handling including planning, recording and assignment, triage, notification, containment, evidence gathering, and forensic analysis, eradication, recovery, and post-incident activities.
Prepare for the EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Exam (212-89) and score well. The ECIH course has 9 modules as highlighted below.

The cut scores can range from 60% to 85%. The E|CIH Exam has 100 questions that you need to answer in 3 hours.

E|CIH: Skills Measured

Module 01: Introduction to Incident Handling and Response
Module 02: Incident Handling and Response Process
Module 03: Forensic Readiness and First Response
Module 04: Handling and Responding to Malware Incidents
Module 05: Handling and Responding to Email Security Incidents
Module 06: Handling and Responding to Network Security Incidents
Module 07: Handling and Responding to Web Application Security Incidents
Module 08: Handling and Responding to Cloud Security Incidents
Module 09: Handling and Responding to Insider Threats

Who Should Earn Certified Incident Handler Certification?

Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst protects the network and systems of an organization from cyber-attacks. The profession demands keeping pace with IT trends, creating contingency plans, reviewing suspicious activities, reporting security breaches, and educating the rest of the company on security measures. The training on ECIH Certification helps you learn the skills you need to apply the globally recognized best threat protection measures and security protocols. The average salary of a cyber security analyst in the US job market is $76,603 per year.

Risk Assessment Administrator

A risk assessment administrator is responsible for assessing the risks associated with different IT products and services consumed by an organization. The incident handler certification is an endorsement of your ability to not just assess vulnerabilities but also detect incidents and quickly manage and respond holistically to these incidents.

Prerequisites for ECIH Certification

Candidates with a minimum of 1 year of work experience in the cybersecurity domain.

Full Description

    1.  Introduction to Incident Handling and Response
    2.  Incident Handling and Response Process
    3.  Forensic Readiness and First Response
    4.  Handling and Responding to Malware Incidents
    5.  Handling and Responding to Email Security Incidents
    6.  Handling and Responding to Network Security Incidents
    7.  Handling and Responding to Web Application Security Incidents
    8.  Handling and Responding to Cloud Security Incidents
    9.  Handling and Responding to Insider Threats

Fee & Schedule

Delivery Mode Course Duration Fees
Live Virtual Training 5 Days
Onsite Classroom Training 5 Days
Customized Training 5 Days

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