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AWS Networking Specialty Exam

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-COO) examination validates your skills in designing and implementing AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale.
SpireTec provides instructor-led training program to help you understand the related concepts, principles and practices. After every module, we carry on practice runs or assessment sessions and Q-A (Question-Answer) sessions to test your preparedness. The exercise helps you hone your skills. The practice-based learning helps you successfully pass the AWS Networking Specialty Exam.
The AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Exam (ANS-COO) paper consists of 75 questions (either multiple choice or multiple response), and the allotted time is 170 minutes. Multiple choice has one correct answer out of four, and multiple response has two correct answers out of five or more. The exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certification: Skills Measured

  • Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS
  • Implement core AWS services according to basic architectural best practices
  • Design and maintain network architecture for all AWS services
  • Leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks

Who Should Take AWS Networking Specialty Certification?

Networking Engineers

Networking engineers in the USA have an average salary as USD71,213 (according to The salary varies depending on education, certification, additional skills and the number of years’ experience in the field. Visa, Facebook, UCLA Health, Northrop Gurmann, and USAA are the top US companies hiring for network engineers, according to Indeed. AWS Networking Specialty certification gives advances your career.

Systems Administrators

Computer networks (LANs, WANs, network segments, intranets, etc.) are critical parts of almost every organization. Network and computer systems administrators make sure that the networks work fine and make the processes run smooth. The average salary of system administrators in the USA is $62,852/year. Possession of the AWS networking specialty advances your career to senior systems administrator, information technology manager, etc. With the growing adoption of AWS, organizations are focused on hiring IT professionals with AWS Networking Specialty certification.

Computer Security Specialists

Safety of computer security network is of paramount importance. AWS Networking Specialty training not just helps in earning the certification but also to handle the real-world workplace responsibilities including administering, monitoring and troubleshooting security features and enhancements available with AWS.


Domain 1: Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale

  • 1.1 Implement connectivity for hybrid IT
  • 1.2 Given a scenario, derive an appropriate hybrid IT architecture connectivity solution
  • 1.3 Explain the process to extend connectivity using AWS Direct Connect
  • 1.4 Evaluate design alternatives that leverage AWS Direct Connect
  • 1.5 Define routing policies for hybrid IT architectures

Domain 2: Design and Implement AWS Networks

  • 2.1 Apply AWS networking concepts
  • 2.2 Given customer requirements, define network architectures on AWS
  • 2.3 Propose optimized designs based on the evaluation of an existing implementation
  • 2.4 Determine network requirements for a specialized workload
  • 2.5 Derive an appropriate architecture based on customer and application requirements
  • 2.6 Evaluate and optimize cost allocations given a network design and application data flow

Domain 3: Automate AWS Tasks

  • 3.1 Evaluate automation alternatives within AWS for network deployments
  • 3.2 Evaluate tool-based alternatives within AWS for network operations and management

Domain 4: Configure Network Integration with Application Services

  • 4.1 Leverage the capabilities of Route 53
  • 4.2 Evaluate DNS solutions in a hybrid IT architecture
  • 4.3 Determine the appropriate configuration of DHCP within AWS
  • 4.4 Given a scenario, determine an appropriate load balancing strategy within the AWS ecosystem
  • 4.5 Determine a content distribution strategy to optimize for performance
  • 4.6 Reconcile AWS service requirements with network requirements

Domain 5: Design and Implement for Security and Compliance

  • 5.1 Evaluate design requirements for alignment with security and compliance objectives
  • 5.2 Evaluate monitoring strategies in support of security and compliance objectives
  • 5.3 Evaluate AWS security features for managing network traffic
  • 5.4 Utilize encryption technologies to secure network communications

Domain 6: Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network

  • 6.1 Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve a network issue

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