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ISO 22301 BCMS Lead Auditor Training and Certification Course

ISO 22301 Course specifies requirements for building security and resilience within a business. The ISO 22301 certification training is a recognition for your knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and improve a management system for the said purpose.
This iso 22301 training is a global recognition that not just transforms you into a competent business continuity management systems (BCMS) professional. Officially the ISO 22301 certification training endorses your skills as a job aspirant.
Successful adoption of BCMS with ISO 22301 lead auditor training in India helps organizations protect against, reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of, prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptions when they arise. It’s comprehensive planning for building security and resilience and ISO 22301 training plays a significant role in shaping the understanding of BCMS.
Our ISO 22301 Lead Auditor training in India helps you develop skills required for planning, exercising and maintaining business continuity management systems (BCMS). Take the iso 22301 certification course and accelerate your career as an auditor.

ISO 22301 Certification: Skills Measured

Following are the skills evaluated for the iso 22301 lead auditor training course:

  • Principles and concepts of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
  • Fundamental audit concepts and principles
  • Preparation of an ISO 22301 audit
  • Conducting an ISO 22301 audit
  • Closing an ISO 22301 audit
  • Managing an ISO 22301 audit program

Who Should Take ISO 22301 Certification?

BCMS Auditors

If you are responsible for conducting the audit of business continuity management systems, ISO 22301 lead auditor training can help you perform the job confidently. The ISO 22301 lead auditor training course can make sure that business processes stay unaffected even in the extreme conditions. ISO 22301 lead auditor course India are available at Spiretech from the industry experts. Did you enrol for one yet?


Managers and consultants are responsible for the smooth conduct of the business operations and a 22301 lead auditor plays a key role in this. If you are one of those, ISO 22301 lead auditor training teaches you business continuity management skills can complement your success.

Cyber Security Professionals

Growing Internet security risks demand implementation of an advanced BCMS that focuses on diagnosing and identifying e-Threats before they permeate into your network. Do you know how enterprises avoid that? The answer is with a ISO 22301 certification course. ISO 22301 lead auditor course india also helps you plan an efficient recovery model.

Prerequisites for ISO 22301 course Training

Candidates interested in taking ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training must possess fundamental understanding of business continuity concepts and a comprehensive knowledge of BCMS audit frameworks.

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