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ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager Training & Certification Course

ISO 31000 Guidelines

ISO 31000 Risk management is a set of guidelines with principles, a framework, and a process for managing risk. Irrespective of their size, activity, or sector, organizations need a risk management plan to overcome risks and threats affecting their operations and people. With the successful implementation of ISO 31000, they can achieve their objectives and turn opportunities into challenges.
An ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager designs internal or external audit programs to check the potential risks, the ability of the process and operations to counteract risks, and the efficacy of the risk management practices. The professional also guides the organization with internationally recognized practices and benchmarks to improve the processes and practices.
We have prepared a step-by-step ISO 31000 Course based on its latest revision in 2018 by the ISO’s technical committee on risk management, ISO/TC 262. We have converted the entire content into an interactive training session. Our experienced faculty members help you understand it thoroughly. Learn how to integrate risk-based decision-making into an organization’s governance, planning, management, reporting, policies, values, and culture. The knowledge and skills you earn prepare you to complete your ISO 31000 certification.

ISO 31000 Certification: Skills Measured

  • Understand the risk management concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques
  • Establish a risk management framework in the context of an organization
  • Execute the ISO 31000 risk management process in an organization
  • Understand the basic approaches, methods, and practices used to integrate risk management in an organization

Who Should Take ISO 31000 Certification?


Managers or consultants are responsible for ensuring business continuity. They need to identify and mitigate risks before they disrupt the business operations, processes, people, and outcomes. ISO risk management certification equips them with the desired knowledge and skills to perform the job effortlessly, accurately, and with timeliness.

Business Heads

Knowledge about the risk management principles, framework, and process contribute to successful businesses. If you are a business owner, you must invest in the skills as you are primarily responsible for keeping it safe and growing.

Risk Management Aspirants

If you are interested in pursuing a career in risk management, ISO Risk Management Certification can make a big difference to your job search and career progress. The certification endorses your risk management capabilities and helps you win the confidence of recruiters and perform best at the workplace.

Prerequisites for ISO 31000 Training

A fundamental understanding of ISO 31000 and comprehensive knowledge of risk management.

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