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ISO 45001 Lead Implementer Training & Certification Course

ISO 45001 Guidelines

ISO 45001 is a framework for establishing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS). OHS Management System 45001 has been developed under the ISO system, with the input of experts from more than 70 countries. It focuses on increasing safety, reducing workplace risks, and enhancing health and well-being at work. The conformance to the standards helps an organization to proactively improve its OH&S performance.
At SpireTec, we have designed an ISO occupational health and safety course by taking cognizance of the latest model ISO 45001:2018 (published in 2020) by the ISO’s technical committee on OH&S MS. Our interactive online ISO 45001 Lead Implementer Training session introduces you to ISO 45001 and initiation of an OH&S management system, planning and implementing an OH&S management system and its monitoring for continuous improvement to meet an organization’s ever-changing context.

ISO 45001 Certification: Skills Measured

  • Ability to analyze an organization’s context that is relevant to OH&S (such as interested parties) as well as the internal and external factors that might impact your business
  • Establish the scope of the system, considering what you would like your management system to achieve
  • Set your OH&S policy and objectives
  • Define the time frame in which you wish to implement your system and plan how to achieve it
  • Determine any competence and/or resource gaps that need addressing before you can implement the standard

Who Should Take ISO 45001 Certification?


Allocating works, driving productivity, and achieving business objectives – managers take care of all, but there is one vital element, i.e., the safety of their people in the environment. Consultants are also expected to ensure people deliver their best and on time. That will only happen when people are safe. If you are managing people across any business or industry, ISO 45001 training helps you acquire the skills that will help you provide care and protection to your team.

Business Owners

Business heads are primarily responsible for the reduction of workplace incidents. It helps them reduce absenteeism and increase staff turnover, which is a key driver to business productivity. The creation of a health and safety culture makes you a trustworthy business leader.

OH&S or Risk Management Aspirants

Occupational Health and Safety Management System is an integral part of risk management. Job seekers willing to enter into risk management can maximize their success quotient by learning the framework detailed with the ISO 45001 Course.

Prerequisites for ISO 45001 Training

A fundamental understanding of ISO 45001 and comprehensive knowledge of implementation principles help candidates to quickly master the skills.

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